Geometry (part 2)

Tadao Ando

Nicholas Brewer

An image from a shoot last year in Japan and fits neatly into to the theme of geometry. You can see there is some brick work about half way across and a third of the way down. I have considered retouching it but on balance decided  that it should stay. I try and keep the pictures as natural as possible especially for the personal work. An interesting photograph often has an element of mystery about it and unless it seriously detracts from the picture I try to keep it as truthful as possible.


The Garden of Fine Arts

Garden of Fine Art

Nicholas Brewer

I made this picture during the middle of August in Kyoto. The current Mrs Brewer did well to stay out of my way as the heat and heavy camera equipment do not always bring out the best in this fair skinned redhead! I had planned the trip carefully and knew that I wanted to include Tadao Ando’s work. A largely self-taught architect known for his love of modernist design The Garden of Fine Arts is well worth a visit.

And finally…..


Nicholas Brewer

My last image for the CIOB competition ‘Art of Building.’ The closing date for entries is November 29th so just over a week to go. There is always a mixture of emotions when one is taking part in a competition. Excitement as there is the possibility of something important on the horizon, fear as there is the rejection and the feeling of not being good enough. The trick is to tap into the excitement  and acknowledge the fear.  Shake hands with both and remember they are both impostors, to paraphrase Rudyard Kipling’s “If.”

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

Nicholas Brewer

Nicholas Brewer

Taken earlier in the summer during my trip to Japan. The museum was designed by Japanese architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of the architect office SANAA in 2004. It is also my second entry to Art of Building with only one more remaining. When I started my career as a portrait photographer I struggled with the idea that architectural photographers were ‘only’ recording the work of others. Of course it did not occur to me that fashion photographers, car photographers and food photographers (add any genre you like) normally do not make the subjects they photograph. It does not reduce their creativity but careful consideration about what, when and how to photograph enhance the whole creative endeavor.