Nicholas Brewer

From 2010 I spent over two years photographing abandoned buildings. It was part adventure and part companionship. Photography is often an isolated craft but during this period I went with a group of explorers and photographers and it was fun.There was often a strong smell as you entered the musty building from the fresh air with my heart racing and a heightened sense awareness the adventure began. Continue reading

Albert Watson-Shoots Interiors


Albert Watson

If you have picked up a copy of Vogue, in the past thirty years there is a good chance that you have seen Albert Watson’s work. The legendary photographer has created some of the most iconic pictures of his generation. His sitters range from Alfred Hitchcock to Steve Jobs. With this in mind you may find it hardly credible that he has turned his hand to interiors photography working for a real estate agent, Corcoran in New York. OK while that is true let me put into context to give it the proper meaning. Mr Watson is selling his penthouse duplex apartment in New York for $21,500,00. Rather than get someone like the author of this blog round he decided to do it himself. The place looks fantastic with great lighting and interesting angles. There are small things that I would have done differently but the objective of this type of work is to generate interest in the property and I am definitely interested so job done-it is now the small matter of the $21,499.00 I need to finalize the deal!

Why use a professional interiors photographer?

We all like to save money and get good value for our hard earned cash. Why should you use a professional photographer when you have a high resolution camera on your phone or you know someone who has a DSLR? It depends on what you want to achieve but if you need images for business then it is money well spent. Despite living in a world saturated by images and the web is the first place that potential customers go many resist the urge to invest money on something they think they can do themselves.

This is a great example of a house that was on the market for a long time before the owners decided to do something about the images. The difference is obvious and so was the interest in the property once the new pictures had been used. Photography has always been more than an ability to make the correct exposure and press a button, it is about all of the things that lead up to that point. Then there is the post-production….


Small is beautiful….


Unless you are a Russian Oligarch houses in London are a touch on the small side.  When greeted by a ‘compact and bijou’ bathroom I had to think quickly and creatively. Small rooms often dictate where they will be photographed from and in case you are wondering this pictures was taken while standing in the bath. Many houses utilize the space they have in the lofts but the eaves of the house limit head height and ultimately the shape of the room. One  bonus are the skylights add a sense of theatrical lighting and a touch of drama.