Monochrome Awards 2015


Southbank Centre London/Nick Brewer

Always with a sense of hope and optimism do I press the send button for an entry to a competition. This year I was fortunate enough to receive to an  ‘Honorable Mention’ for two images both from the Brutalist project.  This is a novel experience for me and the boost to my morale and productivity seriously out weigh the ‘disappointment factor’ of never hearing from them again. I teach photography part-time and one thing that I consistently tell my students  is that hard work and determination are more important than natural ability. It is true not just in photography but a general lesson in life.


Nicholas Brewer

Nicholas Brewer

The National Trust is now running tours for a ten day period starting from September 25th for those who are fans of this much maligned architectural style. This is a departure for the National Trust who typically only run tours of property that they own. Lets celebrate rough unfinished concrete because Brutalist buildings are being demolished all over the UK.