City of London


Nicholas Brewer

An information service has been provided in St Paul’s Churchyard since 1956. The circular kiosk provided for the Festival of Britain had seen service for over 50 years. Although it enjoyed an extremely advantageous location and possessed a distinguished heritage, this structure was badly in need of refurbishment and was no longer capable of supporting the technology required to offer a state-of-the-art information service to the millions of tourists, residents and workers who pass through the area each year. This picture taken this morning and is a striking piece of modernist design situated in the shadow of the cathedral. The City of London Information Center was constructed in 2007 by Make Architects. It is a building that I have been meaning to photography for sometime and this morning I set out to meet that objective. Of course had I bothered to do any research I would have discovered that Prudential Ride London was on as well! There were lots of police about and I thought using my tripod on a public street might be a problem. This was not the case and my biggest challenge were cyclists on the pavement! A good day was had by all.



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