Nicholas Brewer

Nicholas Brewer

Notting Hill made famous by the Richard Curtis film is a charming part of London and the location of my latest picture. England has enjoyed an ‘Indian Summer’ with clear blue skies and the lovely Autumn smell that demotes a change in the seasons. Entering the property I could hear many voices some English and some Eastern European. Typically when shooting interiors the building work has finished and I am there to photograph the hard work of all those who have contributed, this was not a typical shoot as I was about to discover! With a highly sophisticated lighting system that was still being completed I had to contend with not being able to control the internal lighting. Photographers are problem solvers, it is part of the job, and while I could not fix the lighting I could adapt myself to the conditions. The daylight was clear and bright and I used this to my advantage. The builders were helpful, funny and prepared to move furniture around for me. I was asked to show how strong colours can work together in a modern home. The light on the chair provides a cinematic quality that I may not have achieved if the lighting had been completed. There is a touch of luck in every image that you make. The client was delighted with the end result and so was I.


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